The Bureau features well-designed and fully-equipped meeting rooms, which can be booked for half a day whether you are a member or a non-member.



For your seminars, press conferences, private screenings or showrooms, the Conference Room offers a meeting space of 90m2 featuring natural light for up to 70 people.


Rate half a day: €1 000 before VAT (catering services in addition)


Board Room.JPG

Executive committee, shareholders meeting, brainstorming session... The Board Room overlooking the river Seine and the Eiffel Tower is a carefully designed and cosy space, which can accommodate up to 12 people.


Rate half a day: 400 € before VAT (catering services in addition)


         THE DEAL ROOM

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When a meeting requires an exceptional setting (e.g. signing a contract), the deal room seems to be the perfect space. With its "Champagne!" button and its festive decoration, you can welcome up to 8 people in an unforgettable way…


Rate half a day: 300 € before VAT (catering services in addition)